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Golden Kasundi (Mustard Sauce)


- Mustered Seeds
- Spices
- Mustered Oil &
- Vinegar

Contents Permitted Class II Preservative (211). Number in Brackets as Per E-Numbering, System.

Golden Kasundi (Mustard Sauce) can be used as a dipping Sauce or can be used for Salad Dressing. It is a perfect accompaniment to any Snacking & Munching needs of yours that will give a Mouth-Watering Experience.

Packing Size

Packing Size



No. of Bottle/Jar per Cartoon



200gm 36pcs Bottle/Jar Per Cartoon

700gm 12pcs Bottle/Jar Per Cartoon

Golden Grandmothers Kasundi Mustard Sauce
Packing Size - 80ml
In a Cartoon - 80pcs